Daniel Henry, I am from and live in the capital city of Wales, Cardiff, which I am sure you know is part of the United Kingdom.

Being of mixed race, white mother, black father who are both British with an ancestry background Welsh/Jamaican, I had a higher chance of suffering from PCOS. In creating this website and resources you will find on it, I hope I can help other women, regardless of background, benefit from my journey.

My PCOS journey started when I was 14, that was the first time I was told I had PCOS. But like most fourteen year olds I didn’t understand the full meaning. It wasn’t until my husband and I wanted to start a family that the full understanding of PCOS became clear.

I was unable to conceive, but it was clear it was the main cause of me being over weight, strange hair growth, mood swings, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. My blood pressure was very high on a daily basis. All this accumulated in me having a stroke which has caused me to lose partial sight.

You would think that suffering, with all the above symptoms, should have been a wake up call, but it wasn’t, until I had the stroke, that is what it took, and I was lucky, it only took some of my eyesight, it could have been my life.

Being told you have PCOS is devastating enough, but being told there is no cure is heart breaking. So, you keep asking what can I do? And the answer is the same, lose weight!.

When you look at my before pictures you are forgiven if you think I ate a lot, I didn’t, what I didn’t know at the time was PCOS, which has an effect on the insulin hormone released into your system.

Once I understood that, I knew the only way I was going to loss weight was to create a PCOS diet and once I did that I was shocked how quick I lost the weight and how my mental health and physical health changed. Less anxiety, less depressed, my hair growth changed and my blood pressure became more normal.
There is no cure but you can control PCOS and I believe my plan is the best solution to achieve this.

Join me and hundreds of PCOS suffers and take control of PCOS today.